The problem opening pages is related to your pop up blocker. This is very
common and easily rectified. It occurs when Windows updates and resets the
pop up blocker- so it can happen even if you have told the computer to allow
pop ups from TESS site. This is why you can access new/updated but not the
folder as new/updated doesn't use pop ups.

Hold down the CTRL key (bottom left hand corner of keyboard) and keep
holding whilst using the mouse to click on the word document required. This
should allow either the document to come up or open a new window. If the new
window opens it will ask you to either open or save- BEFORE you tell it to
open in the bottom left hand corner will be a tick in the box that says
something like- always ask this- untick the box and tell it to open. You
should be able to open documents until windows updates again.

Some times when following the above steps nothing happens. Follow the same
step by holding CTRL but this time when clicking on the document give it a
couple of quick clicks this should then open the new window and you can
follow the above instructions.

On occasion we receive the message ACTION CANCELLED. This is still related
to pop up blockers- click on refresh or the go button on the right hand side
of the address bar. This should allow a new window to pop up- follow the
directions above as per the open/save window.

If you are still experiencing difficulty give us a call on 1300 135 652 so
that we can help over the phone.