Frequently Asked Questions

Who developed the program?
Classroom teachers who are currently working in a local primary school developed the program. Carolyn and Maureen developed the program who identified the need to reduce paperwork, be able to compare and contrast results of assessment each term in a number of different formats e.g on a student, on a class, on a stage etc. Also to reduce the number of hours spent programming and re inventing the wheel time and time again.

How much time will it save me?
Our estimation is that this program will save each teacher approximately 50 – 100 hours per term.

I am not very computer literate how long will it take me to learn?
When the program is installed each school will receive an internet starter sheet to initially support your first time with the system. Our belief is that this will get you started and we then provide phone/ email support for any necessary questions after this time. If there is a need then we can provide more intense training but from our experience we have found that it is very easy to use.

Why was the programming module developed?
We found that teachers spent endless hours collating all the information provided by the Board of Studies and Education Department to create their program as well as countless books and other resources. We feel that this module give every teacher a framework to build on and therefore can spend more time on creating a program that works for your class. We know that every class is different and has varying levels of needs. The idea now is that there is already a framework for teachers to modify, adapt and extend on – the groundwork has already been done!