About Us

Teachers Educational Software Solutions (T.E.S.S) was developed from a direct need by practicing teachers who knew that there had to be an easier way to assess, report, program and manage schools!

After developing the Assessment Module for SWA assessment and sharing ideas with colleagues from other schools - a general statement kept being generated "Wow! Now I don't have to reinvent the wheel anymore!"

Once demand grew and more and more schools were asking for TESS at their school - we knew that we had to put a company together. That is how Teachers Educational Software Solutions began!

We included other areas where teachers were individually "reinventing the wheel" to decrease teacher workload. Our main emphasis was always towards helping teachers without making teachers pay out any more money. That is why TESS sells directly to schools and not primarily to individual teachers. We are aware of the amount of money that Teachers spend out of their own pocket on resources and the need to regularly update them!

We wanted everything to be accessible and at each Teachers fingertips! That directed us to hosting our program on the Web - that way teachers can access TESS at home and at school!

Our main goal is to provide a structure and framework for teachers to adapt and modify and to eliminate some of the paperwork to allow teachers to get back to educating children!